drink me: zarate tras da viña albariño
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drink me: zarate tras da viña albariño

It’s the second annual Albarino Day! And if you want an Albariño, this is one of the best I’ve seen, yo.  grape: Albariño producer: Zarate – they make amaaazing Albariño’s country: Spain region: Rías Baixas, reigning king of Albariño making year: 2009 yum factors: This has the crispy yellow apple and citrus that’s typical Albariño but this cool touch of almond … Continue reading

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happy albariño day!

One of my favorite summer wines is getting celebrated today! Albariño is so perfect for my favorite season because it’s light, zippy and pairs so amazingly well with seafood. It mainly comes from Rías Baixas (REE-ahss BY-shuss), which is located in Galicia in northwest Spain. So what are you in for with this wine? A … Continue reading