sporty grape

i have NO comment on this tebow grape hate

even HE doesn’t like this non-wine – look at his pained face!

Let me state my allegiances very clearly: 1) the Giants and 2) Mark Sanchez. Damn, I can call ’em. Why? I need to just let the Post relay this sad tale:

Tim Tebow has only just become a Jet, but the Florida-bred backup quarterback has already earned his own namesake table at Philippe New York. When Tebow came with friends to dinner at the Asian eatery Saturday night, wait staff named his corner table the “TTT,” or the “Tim Tebow Table.” We’re hearing that reservationists are using “TTT” in the restaurant’s booking system for those who want to sit in the seat graced by the city’s new golden boy. [grapefriend note: PLEASE!] Spies at dinner told us Tebow — who attended the Broadway show “Wicked” before having the late-night meal — shared a sampling of steak and seafood with the table. But he only drank water while the rest of the gang split a few bottles of wine.


I mean, fine, the wine list at Philippe isn’t the most inspired thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m not gonna say no to Stag’s Leap Artemis Cab, are you?

How can he occupy the same city as grapefriend????????????? Nick Mangold, GET ON THIS!



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