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the jets love the juice

syrah, center – it’s all the same

Jets center Nick Mangold got an ankle sprain last Sunday and they’re trying to figure out if he’ll play this weekend. Fine, whatever, blah blah blah – but then I read this amazing quote! When reporters asked him how he’s going to convince coach Rex Ryan to let him play against the Raiders, aside from saying “please” Mangold said, “Plus, it’s out in Oakland. That’s close to wine country. I’m sure I can get him a nice bottle while we’re out there. I figure that might help.”

grapefriend was already loving, and then I find out all of THIS from a New York Times article:

Mangold realized he loved wine — really, really loved it — when he opened a 2005 cabernet from his trip to California and was transported back to Napa Valley with one sip. He decided to learn more after that but resolved to never become what he called a wine snob.

In one corner of his basement, Mangold built a makeshift wine cellar, where he stores more than 200 bottles reserved for special occasions. He supplements that supply with weekly trips to Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, of which Mangold said: “Apparently, I go there way too much. It’s like my Cheers. There’s a real possibility I’m Norm.”

Teammates may tease Mangold the wine connoisseur — “Sometimes, I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re an offensive lineman,’ ” Slauson said — but they ask for advice. Quarterback Mark Sanchez once called Mangold before a date, as did lineman Rob Turner, who married the woman to whom he served Mangold’s recommended bottle (a Napa Valley merlot, 2006).

During an interview last week in the Jets’ cafeteria, Mangold said that if the Jets won the Super Bowl, he would celebrate with Vineyard 29’s cabernet. But for his last meal, he would try Screaming Eagle, which he never purchased because it costs several thousand dollars a bottle.

Eventually, Mangold wants to make his own wine, even in small quantities. Until then, he hosts the occasional tasting for teammates and always orders for the offensive line at dinner.

“hey nick, I’m taking out grapefriend – do I order a cab/cab franc blend or a chateauneuf du pape?”

First they have their own wine and now apparently their players and coach are all hooked on the juice! I’m a Giants fan, but how can I ignore this? These guys just keep going up in my book.

I definitely want to drink with these guys in the off-season. If I can’t wait that long, maybe just during their Bye Week. Plus, can you even imagine how long Nick will be on the phone with Mark Sanchez before Chezzie takes me out on our first date???


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