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drink me: anheuser pinot noir “blanc de noir”

i looove white pinot noirs!

grape: Pinot Noir. Obviously, Pinot Noir is a red-skinned grape but with a Blanc de Noir (“white of black”) they don’t leave it on its red skins so the juice (and ensuing wine) is white. Cool, right?

producer: Paul Anheuser

country: Germany

region: Nahe

year: 2009

yum factors: I had this at a tasting – it was the first wine I tasted and I loved it, and then when I circled back later on I loved it even more in comparison to all the other wines I’d sampled. It’s a mind bender because it’s Pinot Noir but white – still has some Pinot Noir flavors like cherry (but fleshy, ripe white cherry, not red or black) and maybe even some ripe strawberry. But it also had this awesome almond-skin flavor under it all. HIGHLY recommend!

price: $12 – killer value for this yummy wine!

buy it: here

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