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danica patrick drinks damn good grape juice

Danica Patrick is rad. I don’t follow racing at all, so pathetically I mostly know her from the Go Daddy commercials I’ve seen during the Superbowl. But obviously she’s one of the best female race car drivers ever and the first woman ever to lead the Indy 500.

Anyway, I was reading this story about her in USA Today (today’s her Sprint Cup debut, which I guess is a big deal?) which started like this:

On the Tuesday before heading east to prepare for the most-hyped race of her life, Danica Patrick popped the cork on a mini-celebration with husband Paul Hospenthal. Patrick entered the couple’s enormous wine cellar in their Scottsdale, Ariz., home and picked a 2004 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from their favorite part of Napa Valley.

But they left out what wine! Obviously, this drove me crazy so I had to do some investigating. So after Googling for a while to no avail, I checked her Twitter feed and 0n February 15 she’d tweeted: “Oh my goodness, our first aged wine from our cellar. We have waited over 6 years to drink this, and it’s amazing” with this image attached: 

Found! And they drink well – the 2004 Barnett Rattlesnake Hill Cabernet Sauvignon goes for about $120 and reviews say it has flavors of concentrated pure Cassis, dark raspberry, cream chocolate and brown sugar. On the Barnett website, it says that “typically the Rattlesnake Hill wines are very powerful, structured and multi-layered wines with silky tannins.”

To get a little wine geeky on you about the location, Napa is obviously one of California’s main AVA’s, and Spring Mountain District is one of Napa’s sub-AVA’s . Rattlesnake Hill is a little rocky knoll which intensifies the grapes by putting stress on the vines (vines need a little stress to concentrate the flavors). Rattlesnake Hill isn’t even produced every year. Barnett says, “If we feel the wine, for any reason, is not up to our standards for this special bottling we do not produce it.” Baller.

I found this other pic on her Flickr with the caption "Life's too short to drink bad wine. Example -"

So Danica and her husband are total grapefriends, and also seem totally unsnobbish about it. This is what she said about why she drank that really awesome Barnett Cab: “We’d never had it because they were like, ‘Don’t drink it for 10 years,’ but I figured we’d waited long enough,” Patrick says. “Paul said, ‘It’s Valentine’s Day. We’re going into a big year, and it’s going to be great. We’re headed to the Daytona 500. Honey, go pull something good.’

So cute.

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