pop grape

and the grapefriend oscar goes to…

On grapefriend, who cares about things like screenplay, plot, performances, and cinematography? We want wine! As far as Best Peformance by Wine in a motion picture it’s no contest at all. Keep your marketing dollars and schmoozy lunches – it’s a no brainer. Grapefriend’s award goes to…

midnight in paris!

Check these grapey scenes OUT:

they go to a wine tasting

then Gil parties with the past – avec wine

Moet placement

Dali & Fitzgerald rock some St.-Julien

he is way more into the bubbles than his fiancée – symbolic problems via the grape!

 Marion Cotillard gets her Moet share – love the old school label

Dali clutching some Haut Brion

It’s one of 8 contenders for Best Picture, and I think it’s clear why. As far as grapefriend’s concerned, Midnight in Paris wins the gold guy.

And for what wines to pair with each of the Best Picture nominees, check out grapefriend’s Marie Claire article!


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