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steak ‘n grape

all these people lining up for wine!

Breaking News from fearless midwestern-turned-NYC reporters: the new Steak ‘n Shake serves wine! They also serve beer but who cares. So let’s take a look at this wine list:

First we have a 2010 Bogle Chardonnay for $3.50. Bogle is barf. Plus I don’t want white wine with a burger. Scared.

The second SnS offering is 2009 ZD Pinot Noir for $8.50. Wow, not bad. Pinot from Carneros region is great, and this bottle retails for about $35.

Next up we have a 2008 Ridge Santa Cruz Cab/Merlot for $7.50- pretty interesting! Ridge is mostly known for their Zins, so not sure why they wouldn’t go with that unless it was too pricey. But Santa Cruz is a really mountainous area and makes concentrated wines.

And last – what’s this? A 2008 Darioush Cabernet for $15!!! What the heck, this is one of my cousin’s favorite Napa wines and is $88 a bottle!

Nicely played, Steak ‘n Shake! I’m not a fast food burger person, but I’ll have to sample this stuff!

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