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globetrotting for grapes

The Post just did a fun little roundup of where stars want to travel this year. Lots of cool and interesting places made their lists, but we know they’re all jetting for one reason only: the wine! Here’s what they can drink while vacationing.

waiting for my invite, george!

george clooney “I’ll be back in Africa. Also, Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Clooney lives my dream life. And if you’re in Lombardy, just go for some refreshing Franciacorta – Italy’s version of Champagne as grapefriends well know after Bubbly Week last month!

scarlett johansson I’ll be going to Kenya to visit Dadaab, a large refugee camp.”

Scarlett (I HATE when people callher ScarJo, so I will not be doing so) is a spokesperson for Moet. You can probably find that in Africa, but why not go for a South African sparkler instead? You know who did? The Obamas. They celebrated his election night victory with Graham Beck 2005 Brut made from Pinot Noir (50%) and Chardonnay (50%). It’s made in the traditional Champagne style (second fermentation in the bottle), which is called Méthode Cap Classique in South Africa. And it’s only about $15.

alexander payne “Lincoln, Nebraska!”

I don’t know what this Lincoln thing is all about, but the dude directed Sideways so he’ll probably be drinking some sweet ass Pinot Noir like Williams Selyem from Sonoma Coast. The winemaker notes say: “Your mouth will explode with flavors of ripe wild berries, cranberries, graham cracker, white pepper, toffee, and toasted marshmallow.” Yumballs.

tom cruise “There’s so many places in the world I haven’t seen yet. I can’t wait to go.”

Weirdo. Probably doesn’t even drink.

nacho figueras “Looking forward to India – I’m planning a polo event there.”

Indian wines are very up and coming but I’ve never had any. The Sula Shiraz is supposed to be one of the best in the US, the strong flavors pairing well with Indian food. But really, does it matter? Nacho could drink Pinot Grigio and I’d still think he was hot.

anil kapoor “Rome. I love the city. I love the architecture. I love the food. I love everything about it.”

I didn’t know who this guy was but based on how much I agree with this quote I had to look him up – he’s the game show host from Slumdog Millionaire. Anyway, he can drink Italian wines but I suggest he stay away from the local ones in Rome (the Lazio region makes crappy stuff) and just drink Aglianico – so yummy, bold and delicious!

snooki “Chile – Santiago because I was born there.”

Well, Snooks, you’ll have plenty of choices down in Chile, though it’s mostly known for its Cabernet. Concho y Toro is the biggest winery there, located in the Maipo Valley, and they make a bunch of differently-priced wines. You’ve probably seen the Casillero del Diablo group which is about $9 a bottle, but go for a Don Melchor which is their premier wine at about $50. Most Chilean wines are pretty cheap though – so you really are right at home, Snooki!

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