pop grape

angie, brad and golden globe grapes

clapping for champagne, obvs

The Golden Globes is like grapefriend’s fave awards show, and we all know why! People get all graped up at their tables and it makes for a way more fun night to watch. Ever wonder what they’re drinking? Of course you do!

Moet & Chandon has been the official Champagne for the Golden Globes for the past 21 years (21 – it’s now of legal drinking age!). This year they’ll hand out Imperial mini bottles on the red carpet to arriving guests – love it! I mean, you’re on the red carpet and getting handed a mini Champers – quel welcome!

At dinner, the stars and the TV people (haha) will be downing some Grand Vintage 2002. And get this – 500 magnums will be doled out (a magnum is double the size of a regular bottle – I’ll let you do that simple math unless you’ve already popped some bub). This Grand Vintage stuff has been aged for seven years, which is apparently the longest resting period of any of Moet’s Grand Vintages.

Also, good luck to my new fave sitcom, New Girl. It’s so cute and the creator Liz Meriwether is a grapefriend! Upon hearing the show got a nom this is how she told the Hollywood Reporter she’d celebrate: “With a table read and notes afterward. I think I’ll find a way to put some champagne in the coffee.”

I’ll be raising a glass from the east coast!

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