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frizzante! spumante! italy sparkles

how bad do you want to be here?

So we chatted about the Rudolphy Lambrusco yesterday. But  today we’re going to drool over Italy’s two other (and better) sparklers.


Prosecco is from the Prosecco grape. It’s made in the Charmat method, which means its second fermentation is in a large stainless steel tank rather than in the bottle. Largely, this is what makes it cheaper.


Franciacorta is from Lombardy and is made in the Champagne method. The permitted grape varieties are Chardonnay (mostly this), Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco – pretty similar to Champagne’s grapes.

I love Franciacorta – expensive but you can still usually get it cheaper than Champagne. Prosecco is much peachier and much cheaper, but an easy way to celebrate.

So let’s all ‘fare le bollicine’ with our drinks today! Buona festa!

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