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what goes with bubbly?

Short answer: EVERYTHING! Long answer: well, see below if you really need a little more detail.

fatty foods

Chowing on some hush puppies, fried chicken or tempura and you’re gonna be pretty pleased if you wash it down with some sparkling wine. The bubbles and the acid cut through the fat in an amazing way. And it’s fun to say “In your face, Sophistication!” by matching Champs with down and dirty junk like fries and potato chips. YUMZERS!

spicy foods

Most people go for beer or sake with sushi. That’s the definition of Missing Out. Some spicy tuna rolls or anything you’re putting wasabi on is going to have a great partner in sparkling wine. Love when your tongue’s mildly on fire and you douse it with some dancing bubbles. Even more perfect: sparkling wine with a touch of sweetness – a fantastic counterpoint to all the spice!


grapefriend has had a lot to celebrate in the past two weeks, and I love when someone’s like “Well, let’s open some Champagne!” It’s just a fun marker that something awesome’s happening. And since it’s holiday time, I know even more is on the way. Very anxiously awaiting my Dom on the Eve!


I love when great things go down, but you can’t expect that to be every day and sometimes you just can’t wait to pop some bub! That’s why it’s ok to do it any day of the week. Sometimes you’re just in the mood – go for it. Anyway, you can always find something to celebrate. I highly recommend adding some fizz to an otherwise uneventful day.

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