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It’s my favorite time of year: summer. That means a) I’m not freezing my ass off and b) I drink a lot more rosé. I’ll drink rosé sometimes during the rest of the year, but it never feels totally right. It’s weird, because I’ve even started drinking a lot more whites in the winter but for some reason I don’t start craving rosé until it starts getting warm out.

Rosé is always super refreshing and usually not too expensive either. Also, let me get out of the way that I like deep-colored rosés. Most people love Domaine Ott, which is maybe a shade darker than baby aspirin which is funny because I also happen to think it tastes like baby puke. It’s about $40 so I feel like a lot of people think that makes it good, but gimme a dark, fuller-bodied 12-bucker any day over that stuff.

Anyway, in summer there are always these perfect moments for rosé. Here have been a few of my toppers so far along with the bottles that enabled them:

1) It was one of those perfect weather weekends, and I was in Connecticut playing Scrabble under an awning on a deck overlooking the ocean. Right smack in the middle of the day, 2010 Domaine Houchart Cotes de Provence rosé is a good time. Also, I won the game.

ooooh cupcakes

2) I’m in a writing group and though I’d already celebrated my birthday with the guys, one person couldn’t make it. So the next time we met she had baked me these amazing homemade cupcakes with awesome homemade lemon icing. They went pretty well with the Puig-Parahy Cotes du Rousillon I’d brought. I had two, and of course two glasses to accompany them!

3) One of my favorite restaurants in LA is Cafe Stella in Silverlake. I hadn’t been in forever and was in LA for work, so headed over with someone I hadn’t seen in way too long either. They were out of the Sancerre rosé I ordered, so I went for my second choice – a Mary Elke Pinot Noir rosé. That was a stroke of luck! I thought it would be light in color and body (Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned grape and makes a lighter wine) but it was a lovely cerise color and soooooo good! One of my faves of the summer by far.

you can't really see the skimpy pour from this artsy angle

4) Last night we kicked it local, enjoying the non-deathly-degree weather at sunset. The waiter told me that the only non-sparkling rosé they had was a “sangiovese rosé” – no brand or anything, and it wasn’t on the menu for me to get more info. I have to say, not a huge fan of Sangiovese (which is the main grape in Chianti) but this rosé was good! And darkly colored! First glass was a skimpy pour – and I’m REALLY not a fan of that – but the sweet waiter was informed of the gyp and we were far better served on Round 2.

5) I’m trying to convince my dad that rosé is perfect for summer (he pretty much only ever wants to drink red), so I got some Charles & Charles at our local wine store in the Berkshires. This was my go-to rosé last summer and I still love it. It’s from Wahluke Slope, a fantastic AVA in Washington State, and ships to wine stores in this awesome box:

PS – I was reading some blog a few weeks ago and they were talking about rosé as if people looked down on it like it was white Zinfandel. Do people really think rosé is cheesy? They are REALLY missing out! Hope they read this!

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