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eat badly, drink well!

Last week I was quoted in an article in the Wall Street Journal. It was no big deal. HAHA, totally kidding, it was AWESOME. It was a fun article about junk food and drink pairings, and the quote they used of mine was about how I love Diet Coke and pizza. This is 100% true, but I thought I’d share a few other pairings with wine that they didn’t use.

One general and pretty basic rule to remember for any wine and junk food pairing is that most junk food has a high fat content. A dream pairing would be potato chips and champagne. Think of washing those chips down with some Veuve – the acid and the bubbles in the champers would cut right through all that yummy grease. (Same could be said for Fritos or Sun Chips – the lighter colored junk food.)

If you’re doing BBQ flavor – potato chips or corn nuts or whatever BBQ vehicle you desire – then I’d be all about a California Zin or even rosé.

Popcorn: if buttery, go for an oaky, lower-acid Chardonnay. If you’re more of a kettle corn lover, a sweet Sauternes will do you right.

Pretzels are a different animal. Salty but bready – again, you could go champs for a yeasty match, but I’m more inclined to do a mild, spicy red, like a smooth on-the-lighter-side Syrah.

What are your favorite junk food/wine go-to’s?

5 thoughts on “eat badly, drink well!

  1. I love fried chicken with rosé. Everyone laughs when I suggest this, but it makes for such a delightful summer picnic.

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