grape juice

keep it clean, kids

I just read about this new study that tried to figure out how Millennials (hate that term) drink wine. It was done by the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University, and the awesomest things to come out of it were the random comments. People said they like to drink wine while hiking, reading and even in the shower. In the shower??? This kind of obsession/dedication to wine even gives grapefriend a run for my Monastrell. Honestly, it redefines watery wine.

wine in the shower? that's just psycho!

So if you were gonna grab a glass for the shower, what kind of wine would one choose? I’m going to go with Chenin Blanc. Seeing as you’d be surrounded by suds and Chenin Blanc has a typically waxy texture, seems like it could be a good complement. Chenin is big in the Loire (where you’d say “I like to drink dans la douche”) and South Africa (“in die stort”) – so grab a towel and you’ll now be all set.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve drank wine?  Share your story with pride by clicking that little Comment link below.

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