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Screw caps are not the devil. By which I mean they are no indication of a bad wine.

Tons of wines are switching away from corks these days, something I used to think meant “here’s some liquid puke in a bottle.” Not so any more. Sort of like how Justin Timberlake used to be in the cheesy Mickey Mouse Club but now is all music/Hollywood legit and investing in MySpace.

Some studies have even claimed that screw caps preserve wine better than corks, plus it kills the possibility of wines being tainted by corks. And Hogue, the 4th largest winery in Washington, is now going all screw cap. Bold!

Hogue has done 2 studies – one in 2004 and one whose results were released just last month – that gave them enough proof to make this screw switch. Their wines do mostly go for under 10 bucks but even Henschke’s Hill of Grace, an Australian Shiraz which goes for about $500, uses a screw cap. I’m a huge fan of lots of screwcapped wines (like my fave South African Sav Blanc, Fairvalley – YUM CITY). And when you’re going mobile with your wine, they’re certainly easier to take along and not have to bring a corkscrew with you.

grapefriend: big fan of the screw. Don’t dis it.


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