you deserve a grape today

you deserve a grape today, america!

America’s getting its grape due today basically just because it rules. We’re free, and though this country may have its flaws it’s my favorite place ever.

Wine-wise it might be decades behind the Old World, but man has it done a lot in its short vine-growing time. Napa Cabs, Oregon Pinots (Noir & Gris), Washington Rieslings, Sonoma Chard – some damn good stuff.

But if I’m giving the USA a bottle I gotta go with Zin, which is typically thought of as American. Even though its genetic origins hail from a Croatian grape, the vast majority is planted in California with just a wee bit in Italy (where it’s known as Primitivo). Based on climate, terroir and winemaking techniques, it comes in tons of different styles – just like the citizens of our awesome country. So drink up this 4th and make our forefathers proud.


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