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national picnic month

Unroll the picnic mat and pop a tab. July is national picnic month, no surprise there. But what may be surprising is that canned wine – which is so convenient to bring on a picnic – can actually be pretty good. I’ll caveat this with saying I sampled a ton of canned wine that was not good, so stay focused with these favorites of the bunch:

Acrobat Chardonnay: This is all apple – notes of apple blossom, tangy green apple, and yellow apple skin. A really light style of Chardonnay, as it should be since it’s in a metal can versus an oak barrel. Maybe this is the way to ensure that your affordable Chardonnay isn’t an oak bomb!

Babe Grigio bubbles: I’ll be honest, I thought this was going to be a marketing gimmick with bad wine. But this was light and refreshing with notes of lemon pith and a sour cream finish.

Ramona sparkling rosé: This organic rosé from Abruzzo, Italy made from Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes won me over with its tart strawberry and hint of herbs. Would be really good with a variety of picnic food.

Bollicini sparkling rosé: This has a nice heft to it for a canned rosé. May have been my favorite of all the canned wines.

Babe 100 and The Vice Wine sparkling rosé: These weren’t the most flavorful of the bunch, but they’re not supposed to be. They’re more like refreshing spritzes, with no sugar and low alcohol. If you must “rosé all day” do it responsibly with one of these lighter wines.

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