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fire up the grill for father’s day

On this Day of Dad, get the grill going and pop open great wines to go with. What I look for in a good grilling wine: structured reds with tannins that will hold up to the char, or hearty rosés that counterbalance the heat. 
Petite Sirah: This is all big and inky power, so I prefer when it’s blended with other grapes that balance out its boldness. Try Stags’ Leap The Investor, $60, a Napa blend of 40% Merlot, 32% Petite Sirah, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Malbec. The velvety Merlot keeps the other tannic, structured grapes in check. (PS, the name is because the founder of Stags’ Leap Winery got rich investing in gold and silver mines during the California gold rush before he got into winemaking, which is another kind of investment.)
Nero d’Avola: I like this Sicilian grape for the milder grill nights – burgers, non-spicy sausage. Try Mandrarossa Cartagho Nero d’Avola 2017, $26.
Malbec: In Argentina this is practically all we drank when we sat down to huge asados, with every kind of grilled meat imaginable. The grittiness of the grape holds up perfectly. Bodega Renacer in Mendoza makes some great ones, try the spicy Milamore, $18. 
Heartier roséCantele Negroamaro rosato from Puglia with notes of tart black cherry that make it a great BBQ pairing. $15

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