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taylor’s wine glass fist grab

Taylor Swift dropped her surprise album folklore last month. Our only note of dismay was found in this promotional photo, featuring a wine glass death grip.

No, girl, no. I get that we’re in quarantine and we’re all homegrowning our art. But the benefit of being home alone is that you can hold a wine glass properly by the stem without an ounce of fear that anyone is going to take it away from you. I’ve seen people hold it by the bowl (looking at you, Olivia Pope), and now fist-grabbing the stem. It just takes three fingers to hold a stem. It’ll still be there after you sing along to August: “August sipped away like a bottle of wine ’cause you were never mine.” But the wine is always yours, Taylor. The wine will always be yours.


2 thoughts on “taylor’s wine glass fist grab

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  2. imagine being so deeply unintelligent so as to care about something like this enough to write an article on your stupid fucking blog about it lol

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