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The Ryder Cup, which starts this Thursday, pits the top 12 golfers from the US against the top 12 in Europe. For this year’s official wine, Mouton Cadet partnered with golf course architect Robert Trent Jones, Jr. to design this year’s limited edition bottle.


I like the parallel that the course architect makes between golf and wine: “A golf course architect and a winemaker share a similar approach to their work: cultivating the land they are given, being true to the environment, enhancing the most pleasing elements of a landscape or a wine, providing either course challenges or tasting pleasures. The Ryder Cup brings together great golfers for a competition where team spirit means more than individual performance, exactly as blending wine brings more than one single varietal to create a special cuvée.”

So true. Just like any good team, a Bordeaux blend lets the strengths and weaknesses of different grapes come togtheer to form a (hopefully) better whole. Fitting, then, that the Ryder Cup wine is a blend of Merlot (76%), Cabernet Sauvignon (11%), Cabernet Franc (11%), and Malbec (2%).

The wine will be served at the Hazeltine National Golf Club during this year’s Ryder Cup and also sold in a few stores in the US for $14.99. A few )270 to be exact) also came in this limited edition box:


The best part of a cup trophy is that it can also be your drinking vessel. I’m sure that was the original intention, and we’ll be looking to see if the golfers will be glugging out of it after the win!


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  1. Just got around to reading this article. It,s hard work relaxing by the beach. It is a good one. Have you had a chance to try the wine yet? XO

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