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defensive players – they’re just like wine!

FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! And thus, our annual post about the best ballers who are JUST like wine. We’ve covered the QBs, the RBs, the WRs – now it’s time for those positions without initials: defensive players.

Tough and aggressive, they’re the backbone and brawn of a team. Just like Cabernet! Cabernet is often used in a blend for its ability to add muscle and structure. Can’t think of a better fit for defensive players, so let’s drill down into which Cab regions are the grapey match for some of the best players in the game.

von miller, broncos 

cautw24wcaiivv2Just destroys an opposing quarterback. Put him together with a guy like Peyton Manning on the other side of his team, and you get a Super Bowl MVP.

Cab region: Tuscany. Cab is often blended with the region’s star Sangiovese, or gets put into the high-end Super Tuscans.

luke kuechly, panthers 

kuechlyWith more than 150 tackles in each of his first three seasons, he’s totally consistent.

Cab region: Napa. You can always depend on a big Cab since it’s always hot in Cali. You get very ripe grapes which translates into very heavy, fruity wines.

khalil mack, raiders 


An explosive rookie with 15 sacks, and one of the biggest reasons why the Oakland Raiders have a shot at the playoffs.

Cab region: Washington State. Perhaps not as well known for its Cabs, but it’s one of the largest producers of it in the US and they’re getting better every year.

richard sherman, seahawks

aoi3wybs2vezb0mw0ickPacks his punch, on and off the field. Boisterous personality who isn’t afraid of a physical or verbal spar.

Cab region: Australia, known for big exuberant Cabs with intense aromatics

j.j. watt, texans 

jj-wattThis guy has changed the defensive game. He’s won three of the last four NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, caused a ton of fumbles, and clocked a lot of sacks. He dominates, hands-down leader.

Cab region: Bordeaux. Arguably some of the best wines in the world, the Cabernet grown here is elegant and a cut above. Cabernet here is blended with Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec – a mix of grapes whose individual characteristics all come together to make an incredible team.


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