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IMG_7682We’ve detailed how rosé is made in past Rosé Weeks (if you need a refresh, it’s right here). But obviously, you need red grapes to make rosé since those varying shades of pink all come from the color in the skin of red grapes. But rosé regions all around the world make rosé from different grapes, which logically is what they make their popular red wines from. So here’s a little roundup of my fave rosé regions and the grapes they rock.


grapes: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah

style: Very light with a touch of minerality, meant to just wash down some beachside food or refresh your palate by the pool.


grape: Pinot Noir

style: Light, with a balance of fruit and minerality.

navarro, spain

grape: Garnacha – which is how you say Grenache in Spanish. Seeing the pattern here?

style: Navarra rosado is always this incredible electric pink. Like neon. And the taste is just as vibrant. Juicy, fresh watermelon and strawberries.

sonoma & santa rita hills

grape: Pinot Noir

style: Sonoma is much more full-bodied and fruitier than its Oregon counterparts (same comparison for the red Pinot Noir styles they each make) but produce some restrained versions. Santa Rita Hills will serve you with ones closer to the lighter-bodied varieties.

paso robles

grapes: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre – all Rhône grapes, which is what they excel in making

style: Medium-bodied, lots of fruit and usually really interesting. One of my favorite domestic wine regions, they experiment a lot and make some super cool, delicious wines.

south africa

grapes: Cinsaut, Mourvedre, Shiraz – a wide range

style: Varies a lot, but I’ve had some really good ones lately with flavors ranging from waxy yellow apples to wild strawberries.

I’ll be sharing my favorite bottles of the year with you later this week, and by then you’ll be a total regional grape pro!


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