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gem of a wine cooler

It’s summer time, and that means getting invited to lots of fun things like BBQs, pool parties, and summer house weekends! Fun will be had and wine will be drunk, but you don’t want to show up to your host’s house empty handed. So this week we’re going to be giving some great grapey recommendations for all your summer gift needs!

First up: it’s hot out, and though that’s how I like my weather, it’s not how I like my wine. Although there are plenty of gadgets to keep your wine cool, these might be the most stylish ones I’ve seen yet.

wine gemsRabLabs created these wine gems in partnership with Kim Crawford wine – super pretty and colorful fluorite stones that keep Sauvignon Blanc or any other white or rose chilled for up to an hour. You keep them in the freezer and then pop them in your glass when you’re ready to drink. These don’t dilute your wine like an ice cube and are way prettier – they actually sort of look like white and red grapes in your glass.

rablabs wine gemsThe wine gems are $76 for a set of six here. Excellent hostess gift, right?


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