happy happy hour!

happy tinkerbell happy hour!

IMG_9425After yesterday’s snow, I’m trying to channel spring as hard as I can. Nothing like something refreshing  Pinot Gris and white tulips to do the job. The Loveblock is packed with ripe yellow pear, baking spices, and a hint of lychee ($22 – get it here so you have it for the first really warm day!).

What’s your favorite spring wine? With every comment, spring will come sooner. It’s like clapping if you believe in Tinkerbell.


4 thoughts on “happy tinkerbell happy hour!

  1. My favorite spring wine, though I’m more of a red gal, is “Sheza Good Lady Principal” Peach Apricot Chardonnay from Rosewood winery in Great Bend, KS. It is so good and perfect for Spring and Summer (and also Fall and Winter just because.) They employ people with various handicaps as a part of a job training in their winery and name all of the wines after the therapy horses out there. I can feel good about driving an hour and a half and stocking up on bottles and bottles because I’m helping the handicapped, right?

  2. Tavel. Maybe with something green and fresh like asparagus (imported, for sure).
    “Thanks for the Scandal reports,” he says sarcastically. Now I am watching the delusional story of Washington wannabes just to see what wine everyone is drinking. Oh well, Olivia is pretty cool regardless of her fictional wines.

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