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super bowl of grapes: patriots vs seahawks

We’ll leave the debate about who should win the Super Bowl based on athletic skill to the sportscasters. At grapefriend, we discuss all important issues based on grapefriendiness. So let’s take a look at which team is the bigger grapefriend.


Unknown-1Exhibit #1: Former quarterback Drew Bledsoe makes Doubleback wine in his hometown Walla Walla, Washington, and it’s good. (Coincidentally, only an hour or so from Seattle!) He’s also been instrumental in passing a wine law that now lets wineries sell wine directly to customers in certain states, rather than go through a wine store.

Exhibit #2: There’s a wine from Terra Andina called The Patriots – it’s a Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon ($18.99 here) but it’s from Chile. The Maipo Valley there makes some good Cab, but it’s not exactly American…

Exhibit #3: Massachusetts does make wine, but I haven’t had anything even near decent.


doubleback wineExhibit #1: Seeing as they have the loudest fans in the NFL, the 12th man on their team also has its own wine – two to be exact. Northwest Cellars puts special 12th Man labels on their 2012 Serenade (40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 22% Syrah, 3% Carmenere) for $19 and 2013 Adagio (90% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Chardonnay) for $16. Since the Seahawks made the Super Bowl last year, these specially-labelled wines sold 2000 bottles and account for 25% of the winery’s sales.

Exhibit #2: Washington state makes some good wine – as Bledsoe clearly knows. I visited Walla Walla last year and had some great wine. But Woodinville is right outside of Seattle and has tons of tasting rooms. To learn even more about WA wine, they have a great app called the Recommendeur.)

Exhibit #3: Rick Mirer, ex quarterback for the Seahawks, has been making Mirror wine in Napa for the past six years. Love football, love wine, love anyone who can bring the two together! Here’s what he told me about his love of the grape.


I’m a fan of Doubleback, but I feel like the Seahawks take this because they have wine specifically for their team. I remain FULLY jealous that the Giants don’t have one. When, Giants, WHEN will you make one???


3 thoughts on “super bowl of grapes: patriots vs seahawks

  1. Well played game, poorly called ending, but it is what it is. There is another 12 wine label from ‘The Eye of the Needle’ in Woodinville – but we haven’t yet opened them. Just to round out your roll call on 12’s. Yeah, the Giants need a wine label too.

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