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scandal wine recap: red in bed

First, apologies for the delayed recap: Grapefriend and I were eating and drinking our way through New Orleans the past few days. I’m just sorry we couldn’t bring back beignets and praline bacon for you all!

But not to worry, Scandal-watching was top priority upon return.

wine moment #1 (and only)

olivia pope wine in bed

There wasn’t a lot of wine drinking this week but we did get it in the opening scene as Liv and President “There’s Hope” Grant have their first late night call of the episode while she drinks her signature red in bed. Four seasons in and nary a spill for Ms. Pope. Even for a fictional character, it’s impressive. Fitz wants to get a little sexy but Liv is all about whether Jake’s getting food and exercise in prison. Nothing like talking about your maybe-boyfriend to your other maybe-boyfriend to kill the mood.

grapefriend wine recommendation: I know she’s all about the red, but seriously you should not be drinking anything but white if you have white bed sheets. At bedtime, though, you probably want something soothing so I’ll let it slide since I’d want a non-cold bevvy in bed too. So something warming and velvety to lull you to sleep – I’d probably go with a lush Zinfandel, as I’ve done in the past.

a drunk dialing president

fitz drinking

No more wine means we at grapefriend are sad. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we learned that Fitz is in dire need of a friend to stop him from drunk dialing Liv. Scotch in hand, he gets his love all hot and bothered only to leave her hanging which is actually pretty symbolic of how he treats their relationship a lot of the time. Oh, Fitz. You really are a bit of a sad sack considering you’re the most powerful man in the free world.

grapefriend wine recommendation: Grow a pair, Fitz. And by pair we can also mean a classic grape blend. Try a Northern Rhone, which often blends delicious Syrah with a dose of Viognier for some lightness and perfume.

abby deserves a grape today!

abby bourbon scandal

Our favorite red-headed press secretary was the star of the episode for me. I mean, she had a lot to deal with by way of her abusive ex-husband running for a Senate seat with the president’s endorsement. But she came through it with class and a possible new love interest. And while I appreciate the ever-charming Leo and his bourbon (served with a kiss!) in the press pit, I’d rather see Abby knocking back a great vintage. What do you think, Grapefriend?

grapefriend wine recommendation: Sounds like a moment to celebrate. I’d go with Champagne, but one that’s all Pinot meunier – rare and classy with its extra elegance.

For some bonus Scandal-type fun, check out fellow gladiator and grapefriend, Rihanna’s Instagram feed from D.C. today where she pretends to be a part of OPA for the day!

Until next week…


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