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rating george clooney’s wedding wine

Everyone else can report on George and Amal’s guests, her dress, and the venue. Here at grapefriend, all we care about is what they drank! I mean as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, you’d hope he’d really drink well all weekend. Well, let’s review his reported choices since I’m minorly on the fence.

zoom_variation_na_view_01_816x1544First, for George’s Friday night bachelor dinner party, the owner of Da Ivo (one of GC’s go-to resto’s) gave him a magnum of Sassicaia, known as one of the best Super Tuscans out there. However, he gave them the 2010 vintage (which goes for about $450). That’s like wearing a Zac Posen dress before it’s properly sewn together. A hearty red blend of Cab and Sangiovese shouldn’t be drunk for about 10 years minimum. So very nice gesture, but probably not the best time to drink the wine. George did reportedly sign the empty bottle for the owner: “Grazia [sic]. Thank you. Another perfect night.” Yikes, George, we have to work on your Italian! But very sweet.

jermann_pinotgrigio_fronte_0.75_bigSo then at the wedding, my grapey sources said they drank Jermann Pinot Grigio which is about $25. I’ve never had this one and don’t love Pinot Grigio in general, but it’s from the Friuli area which actually makes some good Pinot Grigios. (This is now two weeks in a row where we’ve found good Pinot Grigios, proving that northern Italy actually can make a good one.) They were having both lobster and sea bass at the wedding dinner, so it was a good pairing for that.

Last year, in fact, George told Wine Enthusiast that his fave food-wine pairing is “Pinot Grigio with fish, cooked fillet-style like they serve it in Italy. And some Tuscan reds when going more towards pastas with rich and heavy sauces.” Looks like he had both his faves on his wedding weekend, which is how it should be.

Anyway, congrats to the newlyweds! If you’d invited me I would’ve given you far better grapes. Your loss…


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