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rosé songs of the summer

ROSÉ WEEK IS BACK! Despite the fact that the rest of the world is having a moment with rosé this summer, here at grapefriend we’ve been doing it every summer (well, since I started grapefriend).

So by now you have all the facts you need (how it’s made and what the differences are country by country blah blah blah) from past years. In grapefriend style, we’re here to give you some killer rosés paired with the songs of the summer! Last year it was “Get Lucky” (even though people will argue “Blurred Lines”), and here are this summer’s contenders. Grab a bottle and crank up your streaming music channel – rosé is about to rock.


Obsessed with this song, and obviously pretty quintessential for the season with its title. A perfect summer song needs to be matched with a perfect summer rosé, so we begin with your basic, light Provencal one. Try this Chateau Pradeaux ($18 here). This is what everyone thinks of when they think pink, and nothing better than a rooftop rosé sesh to enjoy it.

photo 2 (3)

“come get it bae”

Probably my favorite song this summer. Even the horrible video can’t ruin it for me. Gotta pair it with one of my favorite Washington roses: Gård is made with all Grenache grapes from Columbia Valley, and it gives off great strawberry and mineral flavor. Yum. ($22 here)

photo 2 (7)


This song didn’t take off as much as I thought it would, but I still like it. Plus, it’s my birthday in the summer, so it’s a perfect opp to pair it with one of my personal fave rosés: J Vineyards Vin Gris ($20 here). The absolute best match of fruit and refreshment. Love!

PS super cute video where Katy Perry went to five random birthday parties dressed in disguise.

photo 3 (3)


A Clueless remake for the video? Love it as much as I hate the “Come Get It Bae” mess.
Bubbles always make things feel fancy, so grab some vintage Louis Roederer brut rosé 2008 ($75 here). If you don’t have a fancy budget, try their NV or Mumm Napa which is also great (both about $25).

roederer brut rose

“talk dirty to me”

If you’re talking dirty you should have a gritty wine to match. This Rosé of Malbec from La Linda in Argentina does the trick, and it’s a good value wine ($10 here).

la linda rose wine


I’d call Chene Bleu magic every day of the year, summer or not. One of my all-time faves. ($29 here)

chene bleu wine


Two things are a problem: auto tune and rosé made from Cabernet Sauvignon. That grape is way too heavy to make a rosé. No need to name brands, since I’d concentrate on other rosés.


Yep, this song still has legs (wink wink). And it could be paired with all rosés, since almost all of them make me happy. But one country that makes me especially happy is Italy. Had two good rosés from there recently. One called Lacrimarosa from Campania (made from Aglianico grapes but actually pretty light and ripe strawberries, $19 here) and also Librandi’s Ciro rosato from Calabria (made from Galioppo grapes and packed with rich red berries, $13 here).

photo 2 (4)

photo 1 (4)

“turn down for what”

The video still haunts me, very very very deeply. The only kind of rosé I can think of to pair with this insanity would be a deeply-colored one like this Amavi. You’ll need some wine after watching the video, and this awesome Amavi ($23 here) will do the trick. Delicious cherry pastry and strawberry. I loooove rosés made from Cab Franc.

photo 3 (4)


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