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the official world cup wine

world cup wine faces-lidio-carraroBrazil isn’t known for their wine (more cachaça cocktails), but don’t let that stop grapefriends from getting into the futbol spirit. There isn’t just one but three official World Cup wines.

Lidio Carraro launched a line called Faces, and gets to put the official FIFA seal on the bottles and serve them at the World Cup. The winery is based in Serra Gaúcha, the highland region of southern Brazil, which is the largest and most important wine region there as it produces about 85% of the country’s wine.

Carraro is making three Faces World Cup wines:

The Vinho Branco (white wine) is “inspired by the cheerfulness of Brazilians.” It’s a blend of Chardonnay, Moscato, and Riesling which are the most widely grown white grapes in southern Brazil.

world cup wine gameThe Vinho Tinto (red) has 11 grapes in the blend, to rep the 11 players on a football team. There’s even a cute little game on the site that lets you place each grape on a soccer field and see what each contributes to the “team.”

The Rosé is a blend of Pinot Noir, Merlot and Touriga. They call it “a seductive wine, crafted to express the joy of life…naturally uncomplicated, such as Brazilians.” I love their little descriptions!

There’s also a limited-edition Lidio Carraro World Champion FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, made from the grapes from “exceptional harvests.” Only 2014 numbered bottles will be made.

Hope the wine’s better than the official Pitbull song.



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