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Albariño of the day

When you’re in Rias Baixas, you drink a ton of Albariño. It makes up 96% of the wine they make here, so that makes sense. It’s one of the only wine regions that’s so weighted to just one grape. It’s a great wine for summer – really crisp and citrusy. Great for seafood and summer days!

We tasted a bunch of them today and, as I suspect will be the case for all three days I’m here, I couldn’t just pick one. So here were my fave two.

Pazo Baión 2013
This was the first single-vineyard Albariño in Rias Baixas. Great yellow apple and deep white florals. Citrusy, but not as much as a normal Albariño.

We tasted through a bunch or their wines but this was my favorite. And I love the trees on the bottle (they represent the metamorphosis of the fruit, from the square granite in the soil to the round grape on the right.) $30

Albariño de Fefiñanes 2013
Fefiñanes also makes a few different Albariños, but this one was the truest (and best) expression if the grape to me. Lovely, fresh, and crisp with yellow apple and lemon peel and a hint of white florals. $26


Hasta mañana!


6 thoughts on “Albariño of the day

  1. I didn’t have the 2013 yet, but Albariño de Fefiñanes is really one of the best Albariño out there. I also like La Cana Albariño…

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