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met gala winner: taylor swift, by a mile

Last night was the annual Met Gala, where everyone in fashion and then a bunch of Anna Wintour blessed celebrities wear the best designer dresses. The pink! The flapper! The side boob!

Everyone spends a lot of time talking and tweeting about all the choices. Well, the fashion world has been waiting for me to decree who my favorite was and there was one clear winner:

met gala taylor swift wine

I see your white wine Tay Tay! Now, we all already knew Taylor Swift was a grapefriend, but this is further proof. When you pre-game with wine, you’re official. Good choice with the white, since you can’t risk spilling and discoloring your dress. She and Karlie Kloss both wore Oscar de la Renta, which always feels very floral and elegant to me – just like Viognier. So I’m going to just pretend that’s what she was drinking unless she tells me otherwise.


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