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japan really pours it out for obama

obama_japan_state_dinner wineWhen Obama got to Japan, Emperor Akihito told him, “You have a very hard job.” Then he took him to dinner at the Jiro Dreams of Sushi place and also poured him some really, really awesome wine at the state dinner last night. Kudos to the way emperors do business!

So at this state dinner, they kicked things off with some Sandeman medium dry sherry as an apertif. 

Then the dinner menu started with royal consommé, then moved on to red sea bream steamed with Champagne, roasted leg of lamb, seasonal salad, and ice cream in the image of Mt. Fuji (cool).

With all of that food, they served the following wine: Corton Charlemagne, either 1999 or 1992 (have read both). This is all Chardonnay from Burgundy – seriously sick wine and a perfect choice for consommé and the sea bream thing. Château Margaux 1994 – I’ve always loved Bordeaux with lamb. I haven’t had much Grand Cru Bordeaux, but have had Chateau Margaux and it’s probably one of the best wines I’ve tasted. Was a while ago though, I’d have to retaste it now. Dom Pérignon 1998, a vintage which has been called perfectly balanced and harmonious. Not too shabby, though I’d be all over that Margaux. There was also Japanese sake, but no word on what kind.

I hate that everyone gives the White House grief when they serve expensive wine at their own state dinners. What do you want your country to serve a visiting world leader, some $19.99 supermarket wine when they’re getting served Grand Cru abroad??? Please! Treat your guests well. That said, I’m a HUGE fan of the fact that we usually pour out American wines at the dinners. Excellent showcase for some of the great wine we make in our country. 

PS, after dinner, they also had Hennessy Extra, Cointreau, Peppermint liqueur and Ballantine’s 30-year old scotch ($440 a bottle). 

Dude, you know Obama is rocking a pretty healthy hangover today. At least he better be. If he politely declined these killer wines I’ll be really disappointed. 


4 thoughts on “japan really pours it out for obama

  1. This chimes well with a recent experience I had in Japan. I was lucky enough to be staying in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo and was shown their wine cellar. An actual cellar tucked away on the 37th floor boasting 4,000 bottles of about 400 different types COMPLETE with a hidden door allowing discreet access for those occupying the presidential suite. Well worth a visit if you have the chance and presumably a mind-blowing amount of money.

  2. From what I read a few times (Dr. Vino likes to post on those things), they often serve mediocre ( at the best!) wine at White House dinners – so yes, may be Obama’s staff will take a few lessons. By the way, never mind Ballantine – Chateau Margaux should be more expensive, for sure in today’s prices…

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