happy happy hour!

happy hanami happy hour!

Tomorrow is the first official day of spring! Everyone in any cold weather area is FREAKING OUT.

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I’m drinking sake because in Japan, they have this thing called hanami where you play hooky and sit under the first burst of cherry blossoms and drink sake. Sounds like a holiday that’s right up my alley. I don’t have a cherry blossom in sight but that doesn’t stop me.

Obviously most sake is made in Japan but this one’s from Oregon which is pretty rare. It’s a Nigori sake which means it’s unfiltered and therefore cloudy. I like clear with sushi, but the pearly ones are cooler just on their own as a little cocktail (serve it chilled). Happy hanami, and happy spring!


2 thoughts on “happy hanami happy hour!

  1. What a great tradition! I don’t have a cherry tree but maybe tomorrow I’ll try sake under a lemon tree. 😉

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