sporty grape

does tom brady even drink wine?

Everyone is talking about the mansion that Tom Brady and Gisele are building in Boston. According to TMZ, 100 workers a day are trying to finish it by July. The place will have 5 bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, a basement spa, a motor court, a pool with a “Baja shelf”, a library with a balcony (for calling out “Honey, I can’t find our first edition of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man“?? yeah DOUBT THAT), a yoga studio, and best of all, a wine cellar.

OK, now we all remember this glorious Super Bowl moment:

brady gisele

So I have no problem saying that Gisele is a grapefriend. But I have literally never seen a picture of Tom drinking one drop of wine. There was this of him on vacay:

brady coconut

And this of him for his Smartwater endorsement deal:

brady smartwater

But no wine. Not even beer. The dude is a major athlete, he might not even drink alcohol at all. Which makes him feel like this when he reads grapefriend:

brady crying

So building a wine cellar in your new little pad? More power to you, Tom. Invite Eli over and he can teach you what to drink.


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