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pancakes with the wrong rosé!

Today is National Pancake Day, a holiday my nephew celebrates every day just like I celebrate National Wine Day every day. Anyway, the Daily Mail reported that a restaurant in Manchester, England has created a pancake that costs £800 (that’s $1333). It includes lobster, caviar, truffles, and is topped with a hollandaise sauce made with Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne – except the rosé in the photo is Laurent Perrier.

pancake dom perignon

That’s about a $270 difference (the Dom rosé is about $350, while the LP is about $80), so they may need to lower the price of that pancake. Later in the article, they go on to call it “Dom Pirignon Rose.” Excellent fact checking all around!

Apparently the pancake was served with “organic strawberries plus jelly made from Dom Perignon champagne at £115 a bottle,” so maybe that was where they made their mistake. But at this point, I trust nothing they say. I’ll take a glass of either of those rosé bubblies though, and you can just give me plain old IHOP with it!


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