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the grapefriend oscar goes to…

Out of the people nominated for Oscars, there were a few good grapey characters. Not as many as I’d like, but we work with what we get! Here are my nominees for Biggest Grapefriend.

jennifer lawrence, american hustle

Jennifer-Lawrence hustle champagne

Right before she confronts Amy Adams in the bathroom, Jennifer Lawrence marches up to all the guys they’re scared of and has them buy her a glass of Champagne. Not clear what kind.

matthew mcconaughey, dallas buyers club

dallas buyers matthew

When Matthew McConaughey takes Jennifer Garner out to dinner, he tells the waiter, “Bring us your best bottle of Cabernet.” They didn’t show what kind, but well played if you’re trying to woo someone. Also, to lose all the weight for the movie, this was MM’s diet: 5 ounces of fish, a couple of vegetables twice a day, pudding in the morning, and “as much red wine as I’d like at night.” Go, grapefriend, go!

amy adams, american hustle

amy adams wine stain

So I can’t really recall any scenes of her drinking wine, but I read in Vanity Fair that her Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress was borrowed from a vintage shop in the Midwest and had a wine stain on it. They all loved the dress that they decided to create a whole story about how the stain got there. In the movie, her character takes clothes from the dry cleaner that have been left behind so they pretnded that “someone left the dress at the dry cleaner, they couldn’t get the stain out. And it was Amy’s fortune that she got to keep the dress. She didn’t care about the stain because she felt like a million bucks in it.”

leo dicaprio, wolf of wall street

This guy was way more into drugs, but we did get this one amazing shot of him cheers-ing his wine (even if it was a dick move to the Feds, who were on the job and unable to sip).

wolf-of-wall-street-leonardo-dicaprio wine

He also opened some white with his second wife, don’t know what it was but surely it was expensive.

wolf champagne

Still trying to figure out why this guy’s story was made into a movie (light and entertaining as it was), but I’ll take the wine shots.

But the Grapey Oscar goes to…

jennifer garner, dallas buyers club


The only one on this list who didn’t get a nom from the Academy, but she’s the biggest grapefriend sharing the bottle of red that Matthew McConaughey gets at dinner and also drinking at home by herself not once but twice! (Sadly, no pics.) I do have to point out that I spotted a bottle of Cupcake wine on her counter – which did not exist in the 80s when the movie takes place! Tsk tsk, prop person.

What’s everyone drinking tonight while you watch? Send me your pics on Twitter @grapefriend! Pop open something good – because as Ron tells Eve in Dallas Buyers Club: “You need to enjoy your life, little lady. You only got one.” Cheers to that!


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