who’s gonna bring me a b-b-bourbon???

mag wildwood bourbon

If you’ve seen Breakfast at Tiffany‘s (I have, oh 1 or 763 times), you may recall Mag Wildwood. She’s a slightly annoying model (“a thumping bore” as Holly describes her) who crashes Holly’s awesome party and calls out through her stutter for a boy to bring her a bourbon. It may be her one redeeming quality.

Bourbon drinking is on the rise in the US: last year, sales were up 10.2% to $2.4 billion. And no wonder – it’s can’t-stop-drinking-it good, rich caramel and vanilla goodness. Can get dangerous. Makers Mark and Knob Creek are probably the most prevalent, so you can find them in most bars you walk into (especially helpful when you’re in a divey bar and wouldn’t touch the wine). But there are tons of great ones. As I said earlier this week, my go-to’s that are usually easy to find at a bar are Woodford Reserve, Baker’s, sometimes Bulleit – here are a few others I tried recently.

alibi jefferson's rebellion, maker's mark bourbon

Makers Mark
Burnt orange, hint of butterscotch and light toasted wood. You can pretty much find this in any regular bar. $23

Basil Hayden’s
Fresh, light orange with a touch of caramel. Sort of one of my other go-to’s. $37

Deeper, lush caramel with custardy vanilla, lightened by some florals. They market themselves as a less-serious bourbon for the regular drinker, so might be a good entry point for some people. $24

This one has a hint more savory straw (from all the rye in it) but also light caramel and some purple florals. $35


Small batch bourbon (they only make 5500 bottles)distilled from 70% corn and 30% small grains, then aged 6 years.  Burnt orange, with hints of caramel and pastry cream. Very smooth. $43


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