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prince harry’s champagne has legs

harry south pole champagnePrince Harry just trekked to the South Pole with Walking With The Wounded, a charity that funds the re-training and re-education of veterans. How did they celebrate their arrival? By drinking Champagne out of one of the vet’s prosthetic legs.

Fellow trekker Sgt Duncan Slater lost both his legs in Afghanistan in 2009, and used one of his new legs as an ice bucket for the champagne. He said: “We pulled back from the Pole about 20km to wait for our flight and someone produced some champagne. I used my legs as a primitive ice bucket and wedged the champagne bottle in there and passed them around.”

Freaking amazing.

Due to the ungrapiness of reporters worldwide, we don’t know what kind of Champagne they drank. Since Harry was involved, perhaps it was English sparkling wine? Don’t scoff. Sales of English sparkling wine tripled in 2012, partly due to the Jubilee and the Olympics. And for the first time, more English wine was drunk at government hospitality events than wine from any other nation.

Spain, France and Italy together control 87 percent of the market (Spain recently pulled ahead of France because of  cava), but England now has 432 vineyards and 124 wineries. They’re mostly along the southeast coast which has the chalky soils and climate similar to the Champagne region. Now even LVMH, Pernod Ricard, and Laurent Perrier might be looking to buy vineyards there, since Britain is their biggest export market.

Anyway, back in London, Harry said: “Inspiring others is one of the cornerstones of this charity, to demonstrate to those who have experienced life-changing injuries that everything is possible. I hope this truly unbelievable achievement by everyone behind me, and back in America, Canada and Australia… will remind everybody that they can achieve anything that they want to.” Being able to drink Champagne out of your new leg is the utter definition of why you should look at the bright side of life. Cheers to all of the trekkers.

Prince Harry


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