pisco part 2: froth city

I don’t know what kind of loser thought pisco sours weren’t frothy on top. Ah yes, that was me, in my last post just a few hours ago.

Seems that a classic pisco sour DOES have white froth on top, formed by shaking egg whites in a cocktail shaker. Also seems I’ve mostly had crappy pisco sours most of my life. The one we had at lunch was at the Mercado Central – a place I dig but that no one would describe as ritzy. Anyway, I thought the froth was for chichi cocktail places like Employees Only in NYC but that’s actually the optimal way to do a pisco. Fail, cocktail friend, fail.

Also, those three brown dots are dashes of bitters, which I was told was the Peruvian way to do it (even though yes, I’m in Chile). Anyway, it was fantastic.

And if you have a pisco sour may the froth be with you.


13 thoughts on “pisco part 2: froth city

  1. You’re in Chile!?? And had the best pisco sour ever?!? So my parents weren’t lying! (We’re from there)
    How very cool to know ! Thanks!

  2. The same is true of a good whiskey sour. The “true” whiskey sour is always made with egg white, is super frothy, and incredibly delicious. Most places serve the crappy version with sour mix and whiskey over ice, but if you ever have the opportunity to get a real one I highly recommend it!

    Also, love your blog btw πŸ™‚

  3. So excited that you blogged about the brilliant pisco sour cockatil! Born to Chilean parents myself and growing up drinking it as an aperitif before an asado, on the other side of the world, I just cant justify paying the ridiculous prices that the uber cool bars in Melbourne decide to charge for the drink, particularly when they tamper with the recipe in search of out cooling themselves…. oh how I wish they would just get it right…. now that I would pay for!

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