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what to pair with rosé

Someone said to me the other day, “I love rosé I just never know what to pair it with.” Grapefriend loves hearing stuff like this, because it helps me understand what people don’t know about wine and it’s an opportunity to share some info. So as we close out Rosé Week (sniff), here are some hard rules on when to bust out the rosé. Haha, just playin’ you can do whatever you want, these are just some helpful tips.

Tabascospicy food

This is the best pairing in my opinion. Spicy sushi, Vietnamese or Thai, BBQ, Indian, light Chinese food (heavier Chinese food, go for a sparkling rosé – the bubbles will cut through the grease).


shrimppink things

Just like you tend to pair red meat with red wine or white fish with white wine, you can think pink whenever you have things like rare tuna, shrimp, lobster (kinda pink), ham, paté.


Beach side, pool side, sidewalks, rooftops. It just feels right.

hot days

See above. Super refreshing.


Get a bottle, you probably have lots to talk and laugh about.

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7 thoughts on “what to pair with rosé

  1. … It all depends if the rose is sweet or dry. In my world, the lighter/sweeter rose makes for a nice happy hour on the patio with something like smoked gouda (a sort of yin/yang thing). I like the concept of the dry rose with shrimp or salmon. Pink with pink — gonna give that try. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Loving the idea of rooftops and rosé. Unfortunately, if I crawl on to my rooftop whilest drinking rosé I would undoubtedly tumble the 20 feet down onto my lovely and recently trimmed hedges, no doubt giving my neighbors something to talk about! I think the conversation would go something like this:
    “Did you see that crazy woman drinking wine on her roof last night?”
    “Sure did. I just wonder how she managed to fall that far and not spill a drop”
    “Practice, practice, practice”

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