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throwback thursday: tony soprano, grapefriend

It’s a sad Throwback Thursday, but instead of being down let’s applaud some of James Gandolfini’s wine moments on The Sopranos.

1 Before delivering a family ultimatum, he brings an Acuto di Soprano Taurasi as a gift. Taurasi is a baller wine, made from really inky, bold Aglianico grapes. Great choice to have coming from Tony. He also says his ancestors were probably winemakers. If grapefriend had been around during this show I would’ve LOST it.

2 Tony and Christopher steal cases of wine – that turn out to be 1986 Château Pichon Longueville (also known as Pichon Lalande) It’s a Second Growth Bordeaux. Damn, these two are some diehard grapefriends.

3 And finally, just a great little scene where he’s eating dinner at Vesuvio’s with Carmela and the kids. Dare you not to tear up.

If you’re lucky, you’ll remember the little moments. And toast them with wine. Cheers, JG.


4 thoughts on “throwback thursday: tony soprano, grapefriend

  1. Really great post. Tony Soprano is one of the greatest characters in television history and no one could have brought him to life the way James Gandolfini did. Cheers Big Guy, I’m sure he’s drinking some damn good juice right now.

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