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the grapefriend blend: my own chardonnay!

Yep, it’s Chardonnay Day and I’ve got my own wine now! OK, so actually Landmark just put a label with my name on the blend I crafted – I really wanted them to make a fancy label called “grapefriend blend” because that’s a much snazzier name. Sooooooooo I just slapped a ghetto one on!photo 1

I’ve now done two blending sessions and both were so much harder than I thought. You taste the winemaker’s blend which of course is good, and you’re just thinking, “Here are just different types of wine of the same grape – how hard can it be?” But these various vineyards each have different characteristics – some fruitier, some more minerally, some have more acid, some more round and oaky mouthfeel 5

Then you have to take a chem-class type beaker thing and balance all of that 1

You have to keep track of how much of each you put into your container so that they know how much to put in your blended bottle back at the winery. This was my final blend breakdown, which I was stoked about in the end. I like a more minerally Chardonnay over tons of fruit and too much oak, so the grapefriend blend is pretty 2

Then we had dinner, with their Overlook and Demaris Reserve Chardonnay’s:photo (1)

But we also had their Pinot Noir, served with the biggest most Fred Flintstone-y piece of meat I’ve ever 3

Anyway, I’m excited to have some grapefriend blend on Chardonnay Day (which is today). Totally going to have my own wine for real someday – what grape would you be most psyched for?


17 thoughts on “the grapefriend blend: my own chardonnay!

  1. There’s a place near us (in Michigan) that does custom blending using grapes from Cali. I was going to do it a few months ago, but got really busy. Plus, I’m still trying to figure out what I want on the label. you know, the important stuff… 😉

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