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protea chenin wineMy new obsession is Protea wines. They’re from South Africa and they make a red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz and an absolutely delicious Chenin Blanc that’s packed with pear and honeysuckle, but very light with low acidity – pure Chenin (which is a wildly popular planting in South Africa). They both just launched in the US and you can for $19.

But of course being grapefriend, what I’m even more into is that it was shot for the 30 Rock finale! It was a montage of Liz Lemon as a stay-at-home mom, running on the treadmill, labelling baby clothes, sticking a popsicle stick in a carrot. Then she takes a bottle of white from her wine rack (Protea), looks at the clock and sees it’s only 10:45am!

Unfortunately, the part where she picks up the bottle was cut at the last minute, but you can still see the Protea in the wine rack in the background of the other scenes. And she posed for a pic with the Protea (and hopefully drank them after).tina fey protea

Speaking of getting cut… The bottles are so pretty – designer Mark Eisen used an advanced screen application fusing nontoxic ink with the glass. So you might be inspired to reuse the bottle as a vase or olive oil container. They said you could cut it in half and use it as a candle holder but I was pretty scared I’d cut my hand off in the process. However, a few people pointed me to videos where you can burn off the top, or you can buy a glass scorer or cutter and they swear it was easy and not life-threatening. So if you’re handy, go for it!

Being Green Week, especially love the idea of reusing your wine bottle. This is the red bottle – so pretty too:

protea red wine


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