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drink me: crudo syrah

crudo syrah lambertgrape: Syrah. Most Australian Syrah is called Shiraz – it’s the same exact grape but usually made in a way bolder style Down Under. Not this one – hooray!

producer: Luke Lambert – also makes a more refined Syrah, but this one’s the wild younger brother. His others Syrahs are really worth checking out though too – by far my favorites out the entire Australian tasting I was at.

country: Australia

region: Yarra Valley

year: 2011

yum factors: Great blackberry and dark cherry, but the real star here is the cool barnyard factor like you only get in France, but you’re not. You’re just like, Do I want to drink this or just keep smelling forever and ever??? Crazytown awesome!

wine geeks: it’s 40% whole cluster, wild yeast, wild malo, unfined and unfiltered – raw funky goodness

price: $35

buy it: here


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