cocktail friend: old fashioned

he's so sad because he's not drinking wine

he’s so sad because he’s not drinking wine

I’d say don’t get me started on Don not drinking wine, but I think this blog proves that I can, do, and will get all up in his grill about it. He is so stubborn, drinking cocktails even all through dinner. So here it is. Don’s dumb drink of choice.

old fashioned

2 dashes Angostura bitters

1 splash water

1 tsp sugar

1 maraschino cherry

1 orange wedge

2 oz bourbon

Mix bitters, water and sugar in a glass. Drop in a cherry and an orange wedge. Pour in bourbon, fill with ice cubes, and stir. Then, kick it like Don while Megan drinks yummy wine.


13 thoughts on “cocktail friend: old fashioned

  1. Hey grape friend!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog post I wrote. And I’m equally glad that I could provide you with inspiration to take my idea, tweak it ever so slightly and pass it off as your own. Wow.
    Original ideas are, at times, very hard to come by. And yet I always seem to manage.
    The Wine Student

    • Are you serious??? What on EARTH are you talking about??? This post is about a cocktail that Don always drinks, your was about wine cocktails. I also did a running Mad Men wine count all last season which I’m doing this season too. Try reading some other writers to understand what original means, since there have been about 1000 Mad Men cocktail and wine articles all week. Get a grip.

  2. Grape Friend,
    I was curious to see your Mad Men, but was disappointed when I read it as it parallels The Wine Student’s post from earlier today. Perhaps you should give credit where credit is due or be more creative in the way you spin on a fun idea.

  3. You might like a great little cocktail called the Suburban. It’ll combine your appreciation for wine and spirits.

    -1 1/2 ounces rye whisky
    -1/2 ounce dark rum
    -1/2 ounce port
    -1 dash orange bitters
    -1 dash Angostura bitters

    Checkout my blog for a post coming out on this cocktail later today.

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