getting your grape on

getting your grape on: february

It was a cold one in NYC, but all my grapefriends warmed their bones with wine! This month was the highest number of tags ever, and we saw the full range of grapey goodness – from cheap but good to expensive but good! I don’t even have time to edit the photos anymore because there are so many, so I’m just putting full screenshots in. Here are a few highlights, the rest are in the slideshow at the end.

Both Judy and Christopher (get better soon, Bidds!) popped some Marques de Caceres, a great value Rioja:



marques caceres jordan


Diane has a new fave Chardonnay – she’s really becoming one of my best studentsphoto(1)

Julia also drank some sweet, sweet Peller ice wine. I put this in my Cosmo story – love it!Peller

Lucy had a Prunotto Barbaresco. I had Prunotto Barolo at a wine class in Rome, it’s amazing!photo 4

Sarah had some Roero Arneis – I haven’t had this in a while but Arneis one of the few Italian white grapes I like (Roero is the region) so I’ll have to try it again soon. roero

Love the quote that Cristina pointed out on the gypsy boots Pinot: “One travels the world over in search of what one needs and returns home to find it.”gypsy boots pinot noir

I also like how David is trying to beat his wife Roxy with tags. But with only two to her four, you gotta up your game, D-Mann!photo 4

photo 5

Annie from Annie’s Dish List drank far and wide – from NY to Florida, even documenting the grapes at the Palm Beach airport (Duckhorn – pretty nice).photo 2

And last, our grapefriend of the month is Danny from Toronto (dmcsquared on Instagram) with SIX tags. He drinks really well – Pommard, Bandol, Barolo – so when he tags me I’m usually jealous! Here was my most envy-inducing:photo 2 (2)

Check out the rest of Danny’s Feb wines below. And as always, tag me when you’ve got grapes in your glass @grapefriend on Instagram or Twitter. Enjoy the show!

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