getting your grape on

getting your grape on: january

These getting your grape on’s are taking more and more time to put together every month. But nothing makes me happier than people tagging me in their wine pics every night!

This month’s Grapefriend of the Month is pretty special, because it’s not just one person but a whole group. You might remember December’s GOTM, Michael. Well Michael and a group of his friends drink pretty well every night, very often better than I do! They started a group called the Dirty Bandits on Instagram and officially named me one of them! photo 1

The group has its own hashtag and everything. This month I’d have to say that Christopher (@bidds17) probably tagged me the most, but the whole DB crew was tag-crazy this month. As my grapefriend Michael says, “It’s more than just a movement, it’s from a wine lover for a wine lover! I think being able to share wine from the everyday user is a delight, very community based!” I couldn’t agree more, it’s so awesome to see and share what we’re all drinking every night all over the country.

As always, tag me on Twitter or Instagram @grapefriend. Now enjoy the slideshow of everyone below – grapefriends popped open lots of awesome stuff to kick off 2013!

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4 thoughts on “getting your grape on: january

  1. @grapefriend our brains and core bandit @suziekukaj our PR bandit @luminajen our southern lush @nathankunzman our neck breaking bandit aka mr. howell mountain (i try to be like him lol) @jord26 the snotty branch bandit (i swear this guy’s selection is like napa is in his backyard) @bidds17 the craziest out of all the bandits…i could imagine him with wine in a shot glass @noland our international bandit, within minutes he could take you to oregon all the way to australia @asiasolo our bubbles bandit and me @marv31ou5 is the apprentice bandit…i’d like to think I’m the ink and drink bandit!

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