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playoff bets: san francisco wins big time!

we're getting more wine!!!

we’re getting more wine!!!

One of my favorite things about the playoffs is the bets that the cities’ mayors make with each other. For this weekend’s games, lots was on the line: crab cakes from Baltimore, Denver “cowboy steaks,” cheese curds from Wisconsin, and San Fran sourdough bread.

There is one mayor and one mayor only who is a grapefriend though – Green Bay mayor James Schmitt. Despite the fact that he was up against arguably the grapefriendiest city in the nation, all that fancy Napa and Sonoma wine didn’t stop Schmitt from betting some Captain’s Walk wine.

Every state makes some wine, but who knew that there were grapes right in downtown Green Bay? They make 5 reds, 7 whites, and 3 rosés ranging from $13-$34. No idea if they’re any good or not, but they even made a sparkling wine called Titletown last May. Alas, Aaron Rodgers will have to wait another year before popping this guy open.

blog-titletownFull list of all the bets for this weekend’s game are here. Some fun ones except for this creepy plastic surgeon in Boston who’s offering Texans players’ wives surgery consultations so they can be as pretty as the Patriots wives. Foul.


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