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Fizzmas is pipping along, and amid all of the fantastic drinking we’ve been doing I thought we’d explore some others ways you can indulge. Instead of putting bubbly in your body, you can also put it on your body – and look gorgeous doing it.


Gotta make sure your hands look good when holding your glass of bubbly. You know all about the Prosecco nail polish I dug a few months ago, but there’s also this Essie one called Imported Champagne.essie champagne

nail-lip combo

Juicy Couture and Deborah Lippmann teamed up for this lip-nail combo pack (though don’t you think Deborah LIPpmann should’ve made the lip gloss?). You can get it for the low, low price of $48. I love being beautiful, but no self-respecting grapefriend would spend $48 on lip gloss instead of Champagne! Might have to put my foot down on this one…juicy champagne nail lip


The perfect place to put some bubbly – what’s on your lips can match what’s going in them! Wouldn’t it be awesome if it matched so perfectly that you didn’t see the lip stain on the rim? Dream big, people… This lip balm is only available in the UK at Selfridge’s which is a bit of a bummer, but you can call them to place an order (for some odd reason they don’t take international orders online). The shipping will probably be like 5 times what the lip balm costs, but whatever…


This is probably the most typical place we add sparkle to our faces, so grab something like this Smashbox eye shadow.29145671-450x450-0-0_Smashbox+Smashbox+Single+Eye+Shadow+Champagne


This is so much better than having some slosho spill their drink on you. Just spritz a little of this Demeter fragrance and you’ll be smelling like a sparkler in no time.demeter-champagne-brut-cologne-spray-120-ml
Any of these would be especially good for your New Year’s look. Tag me @grapefriend if you use any!

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