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drinking on a fizzy throne

game of thrones beerOK, so this isn’t about sparkling wine but we are in the middle of Fizzmas and beer has fizz so we’re going with this.

HBO has partnered with Ommegang, a New York brewery that makes Belgian-style beer, to make a line of Game of Thrones beer. They’re gonna make four kinds, the first of which will be Iron Throne Blonde Ale. It’ll come out around the third season premiere on March 31 and cost $8.50 – but here’s the thing. They’re wine bottle sized! 750ml, not some lame-o 12-ouncer (355ml) that beer usually is. God, they want to be wine SO BAD.

cersei game of thrones wineAnd to be honest, why didn’t they just make a wine??? There’s a ton of it in the show, most of it coming from the Dorne region and very grapefriendily documented on this site and this one. Cersei drinks wine all the time and Mother of Dragons even gave the Second Sons a ton of it and then attacked them when they were passed out. Totally hope the girls get a wine line and bunch of those pretty glasses Cersei’s drinking out of. Grapefriend of Thrones – I’m down with it…


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